Challenge your thinking.
Change the outcome.

Turn the clock forward to five years from now. 
What are you doing?

Is it the same thing as you’re doing today, even though you keep telling yourself that something needs to change?

Are you stuck in endless self-discussion where you never actually move forward?

We are all guilty at one time or another of imposing a set of limitations on our own thinking.

Are you ready to:

  • see new possibilities which you may have ignored?
  • discover and challenge old thinking patterns and behaviors that steer you in the same old direction?
  • have someone to hold you accountable to concrete steps that can move you forward?
  • come away feeling energized with a positive view of your future?
  • feel that your voice is heard in a supportive and safe environment?
  • remove the filters which hinder your ability to see the answers which are actually already inside of you?

If you don’t take the first step, the new you will always be 5 years away. Or you can look back on the last five years in amazement at all you’ve accomplished and how you’ve grown.

Welcome to your first step.
Welcome to Form Consultancy Coaching.

Pamela Penman

Executive / Life Coach

Pamela Penman is a life coach who helps women from all walks of life to fulfill their life potential by utilizing their unique and innate talents and gifts.  We’re all meant to do things that bring us joy, and in doing so, we bring others joy and fulfill our life purpose.  Pamela uses both her experience as a corporate mom and a stay at home mom to help guide women to live a life which brings them fulfillment and joy.

Pamela also works as an executive coach helping women to successfully navigate their careers, and as a marketing consultant with a special interest in insight generation, strategy, and positioning. Pamela enjoys editing for several publications during her free time.

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